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The SeaKite : The adventure has just begun

Published on 20 February 2023

The SeaKite is a catamaran measuring 18 metres long and 15 metres wide. It has been designed in partnership with leading French and New Aquitaine companies, developing revolutionary technologies that allow this vessel to operate solely on renewable energy by recovering energy from the wind, the sun and the sea. The project is supported by the New Aquitaine Region, the Time for the Planet citizen fund and the BPI. It is also one of the 1,000 solutions approved by the Solar Impulse Foundation.

On 25 October 2022, the big day arrived for Beyond the Sea, Erma Energy and ADV Propulse,
the innovative New Aquitaine companies on board the catamaran SeaKite.

The SeaKite, a veritable laboratory for all our innovations, is now in the water and we will be able to begin a crucial phase of tests, which will demonstrate the relevance of our solutions for decarbonising the seas.

Once the finishing touches have been made to the vessel, including the addition of its name and that of its main supporter, the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region, to its two hulls, the SeaKite will set sail from Arcachon, its home port, with the Beyond the Sea teams on board.


Our crew, composed of sailors from the Basin and led by the captain and founder of Beyond the Sea Yves Parlier, has the mission of testing, proving and perfecting the implementation of the automated kite traction of our ship via wings named after the boat and getting bigger and bigger: 25, 50, 100 and then 200 m2.

The SeaKite, an absolutely unique vessel, will welcome on board the Beyond the Sea engineers in charge of the automation of the kite launch and recovery phases as well as the four flight modes. The SeaKite will also welcome sailors, ship owners who wish to equip themselves with the SeaKite system and researchers with whom we are working to make kite-powered ships universal, which is our mission.


Finally, once the crews and the boat are fully trained, the SeaKite will embark on a great odyssey that will take it all over Europe, the Mediterranean and even a double transatlantic crossing.

To accompany it in this great adventure, Beyond the Sea is looking for sponsoring partners who share its values and its commitment to the fight against climate change.
These future sponsors will help finance our R&D work, which aims at decarbonising the seas. They will also take part in the SeaKite’s journey, the objective of which is to prove to the world, in all the ports where it stops and on all the seas where it sails, the relevance of kite-powered ships to beat greenhouse gases, to use the words of our associates from Time for the Planet!

Photos and videos ©Patrice Hauser – Midi Prod