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Beyond the Sea, the power of the wind to serve sailors and the planet

Our mission?

To actively participate in the decarbonization of the maritime transport and to preserve our marine environment by developing complementary propulsion solutions using wind energy for all ships using fossil fuels.

The solutions developed by Beyond the Sea are available and accessible now, to act for the planet against polluting gas emissions.

Our history

  • 1985

    Yves Parlier won the Mini Transat with a carbon fibre mast, which has become an essential part of offshore racing

  • 1992

    Yves Parlier takes part in his first Vendée Globe, with a safety kite on board his boat

  • 1996

    Yves Parlier completes his first round-the-world trip without fossil fuels on his monohull Aquitaine Innovation

  • 2000

    Yves Parlier dismasted off New Zealand during his third Vendée Globe. He repaired his mast by himself and finished the race in 13th position, but he won by himself.

  • 2004

    Yves Parlier’s Hydraplaneur Mediatis Région Aquitaine is launched

  • 2006

    Yves Parlier breaks the record for the longest distance covered solo in 24 hours with the Hydraplaneur

  • 2014

    Foundation of Beyond the Sea by Yves Parlier

  • 2018

    First sale of the LibertyKite®

  • 2019

    Creation of the SeaKite® product

  • 2020

    Ten Vendée Globe racers take a sealed LibertyKite® on board to use in case of damage

  • 2021

    First sale of the SeaKite® system in New Zealand

  • 2021

    Financing of Team for the Planet to the tune of one million euros and obtaining the Solar Impulse innovation label

  • 2022

    Launching of the demonstrator, 100% ecological and generating no greenhouse gas emissions, followed by testing and the release of the SeaKite® 25 m² onto the market.

  • 2023

    Testing in the Bassin d’Arcachon for the SeaKite® 50m², followed by its commercialization phase.

  • 2024

    Installation of the SeaKite® 50m² system on two merchant marine vessels. Navigation of the SeaKite® catamaran offshore. Testing of 100m² kites on the SeaKite®.

Our team

  • Yves PARLIER


    General Manager
  • Florence PLUMACKER

    Technical Manager
  • Françoise GRÉGOIRE

    Administrative and accounting manager
  • Yahia HADJ SAID

    Mechatronics Manager
  • Patrice TAY

    Boat captain
  • Antoine BRIOULLET

    Embedded systems engineer

    Product Manager LibertyKite®
  • Alexis MOUNARD

    Test engineer
  • Selma NEMOUCHI

    Legal Manager
  • Valentin MÉNARD

    Project Manager
  • Lucas POLLET

    Design office Manager
  • Antoine DECHAUFOUR

    Naval engineer in charge of business development
  • Armelle HERVIEU

    Communication and partnerships Manager
  • Eneko CARRERE

    Design engineer
  • Tanguy LEAU

    Automatic engineer, project manager
  • Marion GAILLARD

    Communication officer
  • Clément LACAZE

    Communication officer
  • Julien VIGIER

    Technical preparer
  • Paco GÉRAUD

    Preparatory technician
  • Anne LOUSTAU

    Human resources manager
  • Guillaume FOURNIER

    IT specialist
  • Corentin AUNEAU

    Project manager
  • Zoé DAGUIN

    Le SeaKite project manager
  • Raphaël PELEGRIN

    Design office engineer
  • Titouan PRUD'HOMME

    Design office engineer
  • Léa ORAZIO

    Naval architect engineer
  • Rémi HARLÉ

    LibertyKite® Sales

    Le SeaKite Navigating Technician
  • Ludovic MAUNOIR

    Le SeaKite Navigating Technician
  • François LAURENT

    Design office engineer
  • Louis CASSANY

    Doctorate in automatic engineering
  • Jules REYNES

    Kite Design Engineer
  • Corentin TRAN

    Digital Wind Tunnel Engineer

    Kite Design Engineer
  • Romain TRAVERS

    Embedded Systems Engineer

Our company is supported by a global citizen movement

Team for the Planet’s thousands of shareholders have chosen to invest in our company, which is the first nugget they have partnered with.

Our research is supported by the New Aquitain Region

The New Aquitaine region, which has always invested in innovation, is supporting Le SeaKite, a catamaran laboratory for companies working to decarbonise the seas.

The research we conduct as part of the KiWin consortium has been funded under the France 2030 framework. 

This project has been funded by the State under the France 2030 framework, accompanied by the France 2030 logo

Our Partners

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