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LibertyKite: a traction kite for leisure boats, with a single wing or with a launch system. Above all for the safety or the pleasure of sailing with a kite. Intended for leisure boating, small-scale fishing and offshore racing.

A kite to tow your boat

Created by the famous skipper Yves Parlier, the LibertyKite® is a range of self-stable kites from 10 to 80m² designed to pull boats from 4 to 24 meters.

  • Security at sea

    In case of damage (dismasting or engine failure), the LibertyKite allows you to reach the harbor thanks to the wind force. Its orange color allows you to be perfectly visible in the distance.

  • Pleasure of sailing

    Our quick to install solution does not require any special knowledge of sailing or kiting. The LibertyKite allows you to easily experience the pleasure of sailing with the wind.

2 ranges of kites to fit your boat

  • Standard range

    • Small boats

      (between 4 and 8m)

      LibertyKite 10 m2

    • Medium boats

      (between 6 and 12m)

      LibertyKite 20 m2

  • Gamme launch control

    • Large boats

      (between 9 and 18m)

      LibertyKite 40 m2

    • Other sizes to come

      (between 15 and 24m)

      LibertyKite 80 m2

A design made in France

Thanks to its simplicity of use and its self-stability, LibertyKite provides a practical traction solution for all vessels. The kite is designed in collaboration with the French companies Cousin Trestec®  which provides the ropes and Porcher Industries® which elaborates the fabrics.

The expertise of sailor for sailors

“When you are alone on board, you have to make it very simple to set, pilot, and bring back your sail”
Yves Parlier, skipper and marine engineer


The idea of the LibertyKite emerged during Yves Parlier’s 3rd Vendée Globe. After dismasting off the Kerguelen Islands, the bay of Stewart Island welcomed him for two weeks of repairs. Once his mast was repaired, he resumed the race and arrived after 126 days, 23 hours and 16 minutes of sailing, in 13th position in the ranking.

Yves, with his training as an engineer in composite materials, imagined a kite that was easy to use and perfectly suited to pulling boats in case of damage.

Discover Yves Parlier

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