Tanker avec aile de traction Beyond the Sea

The solution of traction by kite, designed by seafarers, for seafarers.

Beyond the Sea gives sailors the control over the force of the wind to propel all vessels, optimize their energy consumption and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Our mission?
To make kite traction efficient, universal and essential for all types of vessels.

Beyond the Sea develops and markets kites, which can be used on all types of ships (from leisure boats to Merchant or Military vessels).

These kites allow the use of wind power in addition to the ship’s engine. By taking advantage of the wind, we reduce the energy needs of ships, while proportionally reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. These kites also provide additional safety for sailors, as they can be used as emergency propulsion.

Aile de traction type kite pour la traction des bateaux et la décarbonation du transport du transport maritime

Beyond the Sea offers two solutions:

LibertyKite®, a self-standing kite and SeaKite®, a fully automated system, from deployment to recovery.

    • Leisure - Competition - Artisanal fishing

    LibertyKite®: a traction kite for leisure boats ; single kite or with a lauch system. Above all for safety, or the pleasure of sailing a kite. Intended for pleasure boating, small-scale fishing and ocean racing.

    • Increased safety at sea: towing capacity in case of damage,

    • Pleasure of sailing,

    • Wing size from  10 to 80m²

    • Large yachts - Fishing - Merchant navy

    SeaKite®: a complete intelligent ship traction system, consisting of a kite, traction sensors and an autopilot, able of towing completely or partially any type of vessels, from leisure crafts to large Merchant Navy Vessels, Seakite is designed for commercial navigation, fishing, research, tankers, bulk carriers, container ships and cruise liners.

    • 20% reduction in average daily fuel consumption

    • Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions

    • Wing size from 25 to 1600m²

Our demonstration vessel: The SeaKite

The SeaKite is a revolutionary catamaran towed by kite, zero emission, autonomous in energy. Its automated SeaKite® kite traction system works with wings ranging from 50 to 200m². It represents, for Beyond the Sea, a platform for experimentation as well as a full-scale demonstrator.

An innovative project to decarbonize maritime transport

In order to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of global warming, we must drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Maritime transportation represents about 3% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, which is equivalent to the 6th largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world.

Beyond the Sea’s mission is to take up this ecological challenge, by bringing you today a solution allowing you to reduce your emissions by an average of 20%.

We continue our efforts in research and development in order to bring this coefficient to 30 then 40% in the near future.

Do you have a strategy to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions?

From 2023, the International Maritime Organization requires each ship to improve its energy efficiency ratio by 2,5% per year. Take the lead and meet this ecological challenge today!

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The power of the wind at your service

Our kite traction solutions are adapted to all types of boats.

For pleasure boating, fishing and offshore racing.

Discover the LibertyKite

For commercial navigation, fishing, research, tankers, bulk carriers, container ships and liners.

Discover the SeaKite

An innovation designed by seafarers, for seafarers.

“From my first round-the-world sail in 1992, I had a safety kite on board”

Yves Parlier, forme skipper and marine engineer

Sailor and engineer Yves Parlier created Beyond the Sea in 2014 to reduce carbon emissions from all navies.

After a life as an ocean racer, this genius inventor and outstanding sailor decided to put his knowledge and all his energy to the benefit of the preservation of the planet.

By creating his company, which aims to fit all vessels with kite traction systems, Yves Parlier wants to decarbonize the maritime industry as much as possible.

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Our company is supported by a global citizen mouvement

Team for the Planet’s thousands of shareholders have chosen to invest in our company. We are the very first treasure they have partnered with.

Our research is supported by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, which has always invested in innovation, supports Le SeaKite, a catamaran laboratory for companies working on the decarbonization of marine environments

The research we conduct as part of the KiWin consortium has been funded under the France 2030 framework

This project has been funded by the State under the France 2030.

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