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Complete automated kite traction system allowing to save 20% of fuel on average and to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Using the power of the wind to decarbonize global shipping.

Beyond the Sea by Yves Parlier has created the SeaKite, a complete automated kite traction system that is environmentally friendly. It consists of a kite, a launch mast, a turntable, sensors, a KiteBox (winches and autopilot) and a steering interface.

All this system will offer you autonomy, safety and fuel economy.

SeaKite is intended for commercial navigation, fishing, research, tankers, bulk carriers, container ships and liners.

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  2. SeaKite system installation and training

    Our system is designed for quick and easy installation with minimal downtime on your boat.
    At the same time, we train your sailors to use the SeaKite system. Simple to use, the system does not require any additional crew.

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    The system is ready to use! You benefit immediately from a significant reduction in your daily fuel consumption, and your boat emits less greenhouse gases.

Our demonstration boat The SeaKite

The SeaKite is a revolutionary catamaran towed by kite, zero emission, autonomous in energy. Its automated SeaKite kite traction system operates with wings ranging from 50 to 200 m2. It represents, for Beyond the Sea, a platform for experimentation as well as a full-scale demonstrator.

The expertise of a sailor for sailors

“My 30 years of solo and crewed sailing have given me the ability to master the wind.”
Yves Parlier, skipper and marine engineer

Nicolas Parlier, his son, is 4 times world champion of kite surfing.

Eric Pelaprat, employee of Beyond the Sea, is a kitesurfing expert and the first to have opened a kitesurfing school in France.

Armand Torre is the designer of the Beyond the Sea kites and runs the company Innov-Kite.


Beyond the Sea® is an innovative start-up based in the Bay of Arcachon. The company was created in 2014 by Yves Parlier, a sailor with multiple victories in offshore races and a passion for wind energy.


Engineer and sailor, Yves combines his two talents to design and develop solutions that use the natural energy of the wind to offer the world and sailors complementary solutions to fossil fuels and act now for the environment.

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