The SeaKite is a unique catamaran in the world. It is the first to run on wind, sun and sea energy. Its ambition is to revolutionise mobility at sea by using kites to propel ships and electric propulsion produced solely by renewable energy.

The ship in 3D

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Relive the first tests of the catamaran Le SeaKite carried out on the Bay of Arcachon at the beginning of November 2022 with SeaKite wings of 25 and 50m². The wings are steered via an automated system composed of two KiteBoxes installed at the front of the vessel.

On-board innovations

Logo beyondthesea

Beyond the Sea has created the SeaKite automated kite-pulling system, which is used on board the catamaran Le SeaKite. This system reduces the fossil fuel consumption of ships by an average of 20% and their greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount.

Logo ADV Propulse

The company ADV Propulse develops reversible hydro-generator propulsion turbines and equips Le SeaKite for propulsion in port and battery recharging when the vessel is sailing under kite.

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Erma Energy is specialised in the implementation of innovative electricity management systems that equip The SeaKite.

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