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Isabelle Autissier baptizes the SeaKite

Published on 23 May 2023

As a symbol, the SeaKite was christened on 22 April 2023, Earth Day, by its godmother Isabelle Autissier, an environmentalist. The ambition of Beyond the Sea’s laboratory is to contribute to the decarbonisation of maritime transport and all marine activities, for a livable planet.

In the heart of the Arcachon boat show, in front of several hundred guests and visitors, the SeaKite, the first transoceanic catamaran towed by an automated kite, was christened. This vessel, the only one of its kind in the world, was developed by the Beyond the Sea teams to test and develop a breakthrough technology designed to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by ships of all sizes.

Isabelle Autissier, its godmother, christened the SeaKite on Earth Day. A day dedicated to the preservation of the environment and the planet celebrated in several hundred countries. In addition to being the first female sailor to complete a solo round-the-world race, Isabelle Autissier is also a great defender of the planet and its biodiversity, honorary president of the WWF, and a woman committed to protecting the oceans.


For Yves Parlier, president and founder of Beyond the Sea: “The christening of the SeaKite is the culmination of a great deal of work by the entire Beyond team, which has made it possible to put this catamaran back in the water. The SeaKite takes us fully into a new era resolutely turned towards the future and innovation to tow boats by kite and thus contribute to protecting our planet”.

The President of the New Aquitaine Region, Alain Rousset, was present for this event. The Region is a long-standing partner of Beyond the Sea, which has supported the SeaKite project from start to finish and has thus enabled the automated kite-towing laboratory vessel to see the light of day. The SeaKite will now set sail.


In the second half of May, the SeaKite will head for the port of Saint-Nazaire where it is expected to take part in the Wind for Goods exhibition (1st and 2nd June). It will be one of the star attractions of this international meeting of maritime transport under sail.
This first offshore sailing will mark the beginning of a superb adventure that will then take our laboratory ship all over Europe and across the Atlantic. Thanks to the SeaKite, the Beyond the Sea teams will benefit from a perfect sea trial platform over the next few months, which will allow us to equip the first commercial ships with our revolutionary sailing traction system by next year.