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How to Hybridize Merchant Ships and Ultimately Enable Them to Sail 100% with the Wind?

Published on 8 February 2024

That was the question raised today during the roundtable dedicated to the overview of sail propulsion in maritime transport, jointly organized by the Atlantic Cluster and ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine in partnership with the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, La Rochelle Agglo, and the Wind Ship Association.

A big thank you to everyone for putting this crucial topic on the table at the Sailing Lab in La Rochelle by TRIBORD I DECATHLON and for allowing us to speak.

Yves PARLIER, president and founder, took the floor to present our kite traction system #SeaKite alongside other stakeholders from the region in the sail propulsion sector.

The climate emergency must lead us to consider solutions to decarbonize our economy across all sectors, including maritime transport, which alone accounts for approximately 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions.