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First wing tests on board the catamaran Le SeaKite

Published on 20 February 2023

The company Beyond the Sea, whose vocation is to make kite traction efficient, universal and unavoidable for all vessels, carried out its first kite tests on board the catamaran demonstrator and laboratory Le SeaKite on 1 November 2022.

The first wings sent were 25 and 50 m2. They are SeaKite-type inflatable bladder wings allowing four different flight modes: flag mode, bird mode, static mode and dynamic mode. They were designed by Beyond the Sea’s historical designer, Armand Torre, who is based in Leucate and has been working closely with Yves Parlier for several years.

The wings are driven by the SeaKite automated traction system, which is managed by two KiteBoxes installed on the boat’s deck.

The SeaKite catamaran represents a test platform for the kite traction technology of wings ranging from 25 to 200 m², in fine. It allows Beyond the Sea’s teams to develop the automatic management of the kite via an autopilot and to optimise and put into practice the sending and retrieval phases of larger and larger wings.

Photos and videos ©Patrice Hauser – Midi Prod