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Envoyé Spécial on board the SeaKite with Élise Lucet

Published on 20 February 2023

Journalist Elise Lucet was on board the SeaKite on 27 October 2022 for an interview with Yves Parlier for the programme Envoyé Spécial.

The programme, dedicated to the oil-free France of 2050 and in particular to means of transport running without or with less fossil energy, such as the kite-drawn ships of Beyond the Sea, will be broadcast on Thursday 3 November on France 2 !

We are proud that our catamaran, Le SeaKite, which is entirely dedicated to the decarbonisation of the marine environment, has been honoured alongside the work of Jean-Marc Jancovici and other innovative project leaders who are working to combat global warming.