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Discover our new LibertyKite website!

Published on 8 February 2024

We have just launched our new trilingual website www.libertykite.com!

Explore or rediscover our auto-stable traction kites through videos and photos. On this site, you can also directly place an order for a kite for your own boat! Regardless of its size and primary propulsion method.

👉 For motor boats, LibertyKite wings allow you to cut the engine when the wind is blowing and sail silently, in harmony with the elements. 👉 For sailboats or motorboats venturing far offshore, LibertyKite wings are a safety equipment, enabling a safe return to port in case of a breakdown.

📞 Get all your questions answered about these kites from our kite traction specialists Antoine Dechaufour and Eric PELAPRAT.