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Covering operation : The SeaKite gets a new skin

Published on 20 February 2023

The SeaKite is an 18-metre long, 15-metre wide catamaran that was a complete refit of the former Hydraplaneur, Yves Parlier’s racing boat that broke two world speed records in the 2000s. Its masts were removed and a central beam installed to adapt it to kite traction. Two kite boxes, designed to manage the kite traction system, were also installed amidships.

In mid-September 2022, the Décoader teams applied the elegant turquoise blue design drawn by Nicolas Gilles of the Désigne agency, which takes up the logo of the SeaKite automated traction system by destructuring it on the hull of the SeaKite vessel.

For me, this new skin marks the rebirth of the boat. The Hydraplane is no more. Long live the SeaKite, which will prove the efficiency of automated kite traction for ships.

Yves parlier

It was the teams recruited by Décoader who, in just one week, covered the boat with its new blue skin. A complete covering operation which will be completed at the end of October, the day after the launch of the catamaran Le SeaKite, with the installation of its name and the logo of the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region.