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Beyond the Sea, with the KiWin consortium, winner of the AMI CORIMER 2022

Published on 20 February 2023

Marc Thienpont, CEO of Beyond the Sea, was awarded the Corimer AMI prize on 8 November 2022 by the Minister Hervé Berville and the President of Corimer, Carine Tramier, at the Assises de l’économie de la mer in Lille.

For Beyond the Sea, and more broadly for the entire KiWin consortium, this long-awaited announcement was a source of intense joy. This state aid allocated to our innovation will allow us to significantly accelerate the development of our automated SeaKite system for kite traction of all vessels by developing larger and larger wings.

We have just launched our catamaran, the SeaKite, with a kite system that can tow up to 5 tons. The tests and research that we will carry out on board this vessel, with the KiWin consortium, will allow us to validate our digital twin and to “model” a 40-tonne KiteBox with automated traction.

Indeed, the objective of the KiWin project is to develop a full-scale demonstrator and its digital twin of a fully automated kite traction system in order to achieve an average 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from maritime transport and beyond for all marine industries.

As a reminder, the Corimer Call for Expression of Interest (AMI) aims to support research and development projects carried out by companies in the maritime sector that accelerate the marketing of ambitious, innovative and sustainable solutions.