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Beyond the Sea and Kitepower join forces to develop their automated kite

Published on 11 October 2023

La Teste de Buch / Delft – 11/10/23

Beyond the Sea, a French start-up, and Kitepower, a Dutch start-up, have signed a partnership agreement. The two companies will collaborate on the design and technology of kites with exclusive applications, marine propulsion for one and sustainable energy for the other.

The new partnership between Beyond the Sea and Kitepower will focus on the development of an automated system for launching, retrieving, inflating, deflating and storing 40 to 60 square metre kites. This system will improve the safety and efficiency of kite use and further reduce the costs of this technology. The partners will also look for future opportunities to collaborate on manufacturing and grant research, to help both organisations accelerate product development.

One innovation, two fields of application

Beyond the Sea is an innovative company focusing on the development of sustainable marine propulsion systems. It has developed a kite propulsion technology that reduces CO2 emissions.

Kitepower is a leading player in the airborne wind energy sector. The company has developed a unique and cost-effective technology that enables kites to be used on a large scale to generate electricity.

“We are very pleased to partner with Beyond the Sea,” says Johannes Peschel, CEO of Kitepower. “Both companies have extensive expertise in kite design and technology. By combining our strengths and experience, we can make a significant contribution to the development of sustainable energy sources and marine propulsion.”

“We are delighted with this new partnership,” say Beyond the Sea Chairman Yves Parlier and Managing Director Marc Thienpont together. “Kitepower is a leading player in the airborne wind energy sector. By working together, we can accelerate the development of our marine propulsion technology and increase our contribution to the decarbonisation of maritime transport.”

About Kitepower

Kitepower is a leading start-up in the airborne wind energy (AWE) sector, developing alternatives to existing wind turbines. Kitepower’s patented technology is a game-changer for the wind energy sector: Kitepower uses up to 90% less material and could be twice as efficient as conventional wind turbines at the same power output. Unlike conventional wind turbines, Kitepower systems do not require towers or heavy, resource-intensive foundations, so they are highly mobile and easy to deploy. The system is capable of harnessing stronger, more persistent winds at higher altitudes. Kitepower’s flagship product, the Kitepower Falcon, is specifically designed to enable remote communities around the world to reduce their dependence on polluting and expensive diesel supplies.