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Why is Ultim Actual carrying a kite?

Published on 4 October 2023

📚 With a view to racing around the world single-handed, Anthony Marchand, skipper of Actual Ultim 3, has decided to fit a traction wing on his flying trimaran: just five kilos so that he can return to port in the event of dismasting.

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In 2000, Yves Parlier dismasted in the Vendée Globe. The man from Aquitaine refused to give up and rebuilt a mast. Since then, he has come a long way and the father of the three-time kitesurfing world champion (Nicolas) now offers a traction wing for all types of boat. Anthony Marchand, skipper of the ultim ‘Actual’ was seduced by the idea: “I think it’s quite clever for the weight and space it takes up: it can still be very useful. Some of the Imoca boats had them on board during the last Vendée Globe.