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Deo Juvante: first yacht equipped with a SeaKite system!

Published on 8 February 2024

👉The very first customer to trust us 🙏 and to equip their vessel with a kite traction system #SeaKite was Belgian Thierry Verstraete and his family, who are currently circumnavigating the globe aboard the Deo Juvante. A twenty-meter all-aluminum motor yacht that we equipped with an automated #SeaKite yachting system of 25m².

🎥Here are some images ⬇️ taken aboard the Deo Juvante in Japan, where the Verstraete family is making a long stopover. Part of the Beyond the Sea team, Yves PARLIER, YAHIA HADJ SAID, and Alexis MOUNARD, visited in November to train Thierry and his children in ship traction by kite. 😉For the Deo Juvante, the story is not over as the journey continues soon. Heading to Alaska, powered by the wind!

👍For Beyond the Sea, the story is just beginning, and 2024 is shaping up to be more intense than ever! This year, indeed, we will install our automated kite ship traction system #SeaKite on two merchant ships. The installation of these #SeaKite shipping systems will be a first for us. We will keep you informed. 😊

YouTube video link here: