Why did you choose this project ?

This kite-powered traction project, derived directly from kitesurfing technology, aims to use the wind as an energy source. By exploiting the potential of French researchers, we have chosen to build an extraordinary team of competent and motivated men and women. We are also developing strategic research partnerships with prestigious engineering schools, kite professionals, or sailors, all oriented towards Responsible Innovation. The main motivation for this project is the sad fact that maritime transport is a polluter and the genuine desire to decarbonise the oceans. Moreover, the field of application of kite traction is wide: from merchant marine to pleasure boating, including fishing and safety.

The Beyond the Sea team and Yves Parlier decided to launch the SeaKite project to propose a revolutionary solution from an environmental, safety and economic point of view. This project combines multiple assets that will make it an essential solution for ships of all sizes, designed by sailors, for sailors.