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The SeaKite tracks at 20 knots under its 50m² wing

Published on 3 May 2024


⬇️This our catamaran demonstrator Le SeaKite towed by its 50 m² SeaKite automated kite in static and dynamic mode. As you can see from this video shot on February 27, 2024, it’s pulling hard!

👉Our SeaKite system, installed on the catamaran Le SeaKite, is adaptable to all vessels. It is currently being installed as a co-development project on Geogas Maritime S.A.S.’s Forbin, and will soon be installed on Les Abeilles International’s Jason.

👉Our #SeaKite kite traction system enables all ships to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels and thus their greenhouse gas emissions. 👍Bravo to all the Beyond the Sea teams for the progress they make every day by innovating and never giving up. 💪 🙏A big thank you to everyone who supports us, and especially to Team for the Planet. A team we’re so proud to be part of

🙏 🎥 Aerial images by Patrice Hauser – Midiprod