What are the strengths of the SeaKite system?

The SeaKite is first of all easy to retrofit (it allows to replace or to second easily the combustion engines present today on the ships bringing modernity and innovation without changing their functions).

It is a complete system, very efficient and innovative, which is not subject to wind load (the dunnage) thanks to its Kite sail structure (very low wind load).

Moreover, it is a high-performance structure that takes up very little space once stored in its hold and that can be dismantled and reinstalled very easily for a re-implantation on another vessel.

It is also a product that aims to be fully automated and easy to use, but can also be operated manually. Finally, the Seakite sail is very safe as it offers vessels of all sizes an alternative means of traction in the event of engine failure.

The SeaKite system is a cutting-edge technical object that breaks with existing technologies. It responds to environmental issues and current needs for fuel savings. Indeed, the IMO has issued directives requiring shipowners to reduce their CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030, starting in 2023.