How is the kite sent into the air?

In order to be sent into the air, the kite has an integrated launch system. On take-off the SeaKite system will start out in autostable flight on a single line. This line is simply unwound or wound up as part of this step (this is called bird mode).

The wing is attached to the launch mast with a point and hoisted on a halyard. The steering lines are then slack, except for the 5th line, on which the kite starts to fly in bird mode (autostable). The halyard and the 5th line are slackened. Release the halyard and gradually slacken the 5th line, making sure that the other lines are slack. Once you are at the right distance, you tighten the other 4 lines and give slack on the 5th line. At this point, the kite becomes flyable.