French expertise / skills

Our company, headed by Yves Parlier, the “extraterrestrial”, is the holder of real know-how from an engineering point of view, as are all the inventions of its director.

In 1998, Yves Parlier was the first to achieve the technological feat of transmitting images almost live on the open sea with TV quality. In 1994, in collaboration with the IXL laboratory, he also developed an “intelligent” autopilot system that alerts the pilot when the boat changes course so that he can put it back on the right track, a system that was subsequently installed and adapted on many multihulls. The first carbon mast installed on a boat was also the work of Yves Parlier when he won the Mini-Transat in 1985. This technology, now a standard feature on boats, was first manufactured and installed on Yves’ boat Aquitaine. Numerous other innovations have followed, including the pultruded carbon fibre furler, the installation of the first wing mast on a monohull, the double rig, the stepped hull and now the SeaKite sail drive. Indeed, the sail drive developed by Beyond the Sea on its various innovative products is the result of the collaboration between marine engineer Yves Parlier with Eric Pelaprat, a pioneer in the field of French kitesurfing, and a team of passionate and renowned specialists.