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Beyond the Horizon with Beyond the Sea!

Published on 8 February 2024

🌊 Beyond the Horizon with Beyond the Sea!

☀️Today, we share an inspiring story from our fearless colleague, Selma Nemouchi, who took a piece of freedom in her luggage – our amazing #LibertyKite!

👉During a unique adventure in the heart of the New Caledonian lagoon, Selma shared the experience by introducing our innovative wing to Clément Colmas, a local aquaman who excels in stand-up paddleboarding, wing foiling, and is passionate about water sports in general.

👉Clément offers excursion services and private lessons in foil sports using his 12.5m catamaran through the magnificent landscapes of the New Caledonian lagoon. He will use the #LibertyKite for transportation as he sees it as a huge asset for his activities. Trials aboard have convinced him!

😍This epic encounter between the natural beauty of New Caledonia and the power of the LibertyKite has been beautifully captured by our favorite videographer, Patrice Hauser – Midiprod, currently on a mission in this corner of paradise.