Yves Parlier

beyond the sea ®  or innovation in the service of the planet.

Yves Parlier was born on November 14, 1960. Married and father of two children, he lives in Arcachon.

Composite materials engineer, it is his passion for sailing that led him to make it his profession. In 1985, at the age of twenty-four, he won the Mini-Transat on his own boat, then in 1991 the Solitaire du Figaro. In 1992, during his first participation in the Vendée Globe, he came fourth after having dismasted. That same year, he won the Transat Anglaise in the monohull category. Victories follow one another. In 1993, he won the Route du Café. in 1994, it was the turn of the Route du Rhum. In 1997, with Eric Tabarly, they finished first in the Transat Jacques Vabre, thereby setting the race record. Then it was the Route de l’Or with a crew in 1998 and the Course de l’Europe in 1999. Passionate about extreme sports and mountains, Yves is a paraglider pilot. In 1998, when trying a new sail, he had an accident. A fall of 200 metres: tibia, fibula and hip are fractured, the sciatic nerve is affected.

Yves, true to his convictions, did not give up. It is being rebuilt with the support of a supportive team. His goal was to run the Vendée Globe again, the Everest of the Seas. On November 5th 2000, he was on the starting line in Les Sables d’Olonne. Yves is no longer just looking to win this race. First of all, he wants to follow a dream to the end, to fulfil his duty as a sailor. “Only victory is beautiful…” said Michel Malinovsky, skipper of the first Route du Rhum. Yves Parlier, on the other hand, prefers the philosophy of Bernard Moitessier, for whom “only adventure is beautiful”. And this one will almost hold a miracle. After three weeks at the front of the race, he dismasted off the Kerguelen. There’s no way he’s giving up. Stewart Island Bay welcomes Aquitaine Innovations and its skipper for two weeks of repairs. Once the mast was repaired, Yves Parlier set out again, determined to finish this loop. On March 16th 2001, after 126 days, 23 hours and 16 minutes of racing, Yves crossed the finish line, 13th in the ranking, but winner on himself and in the hearts of the French.

On July 14th 2002, his courage was honoured with the Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur medal. Yves Parlier is, like Eric Tabarly, a visionary skipper who participates in the evolution of high-level sailing. He has created new and effective solutions in fields as varied as naval architecture, the use of composite materials, or the development of navigation aid systems. The speed with which technology transfers have been made to other projects proves the relevance of its choices and its spirit of innovation. In 2000, after ten years of monohull racing, Yves Parlier turned to new adventures when he returned to his first love: multihulls.

With his team, they developed a new boat concept, the seaplaners, by adapting the principle of stepped hulls from seaplanes to the multihull.

The first 60-foot catamaran hydraglider, Médiatis Région Aquitaine, built at the Chantier Naval de Larros, on the Arcachon bay, took part in the main transatlantic races. In 2006, Yves Parlier won the record for the distance covered in 24 hours, first as a crew member and then as a solo sailor.

In 2007, Yves Parlier naturally turned to a 100% natural and renewable energy traction project. Innovating with solutions that are more respectful of nature, this is the concern Yves Parlier wishes to share with this adventure.

Innovator, lover of work well done, example of rigour and determination, Yves Parlier has demonstrated throughout his career, through his actions, personality and resources that science, industry, technology and innovation can go hand in hand with dreams, freedom, nature, respect for people and the environment.

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