The project

beyond the sea ®  or innovation in the service of the planet.

Yves PARLIER, an internationally renowned sailor for his sporting results in the most prestigious offshore races, has been working with his team since 2007 on an innovative project that respects the environment. This kite towing project, which is a direct result of Kitesurfing technology, aims to use the wind as the only source of energy. By exploiting the potential of French researchers, we are building an extraordinary team of competent and motivated men and women. We also develop strategic research partnerships with prestigious engineering schools and kitesurfing professionals or sailors, all oriented towards Responsible Innovation. The field of application of kite towing will be wide: from merchant shipping to yachting, fishing boats. It can also be used as a safety sail. Beyond the Sea ® will open up new perspectives for all those navigators. Our product, the SeaKite will be revolutionary from the point of view of the environment, safety and economy, combining multiple advantages that will make it an essential solution for ships of all sizes.