Kite’s focus

beyond the sea ® or innovation in the service of the planet.



A little history…. From Marco Polo (1282) to Benjamin Franklin (1752), Guglielmo Marconi and Colonel Samuel Cody in the 1900s, the Legaignoux Brothers inventors of the Wipika floating wing in 1985, Peter Lynn,…the list of adventurers exploring the potential of the wind is long. Nicole Van De Kerchove in 1995 and Anne Quéméré in 2006 crossed the Atlantic in succession on boats towed by Kite. Considering Alexandre Caizergues’ recent exploits (107 km/h), Kitesurfing has become the fastest way in the world to get around on the water.

From Kitesurfing to Beyond the Sea®

If installing a kite wing on a boat is not new, adapting this inflatable frame technology on large ships is a first. According to the 2009 UN report entitled “Study on Maritime Transportation”, the gain brought by a kite wing towing a ship is estimated at 20% under current technological conditions. With our technology, we already estimate, through the observation of our prototypes (Kite, Skyboat and fishing boat), and through our computer simulation programs, that the gain could be higher than this 20% depending on climatic conditions. This gain could be increased depending on the kite’s surface area and wind strength.

From Beyond the sea® to LibertyKite® 

In parallel with this project, Beyond the sea® engineers have developed a kite wing that can tow pleasure boats manually: The LibertyKite®.

The LibertyKite® is a self-stable kite wing designed to power pleasure boats from 4 to 18m, from 10 knots of wind. It has been on the market since June 2017 with the main advantage of being a safety element that allows boaters to return to the port in the event of an engine failure or dismasting. Moreover, as an ecological product, it provides its owner with greater fuel autonomy.

This kite is connected by two struck ends to the boat’s mooring cleats. A “made in France” product, the LibertyKite® is easy to handle. Cousin Trestec® supplies the ropes and Porcher Industries® produces the fabrics. It is designed and tested in the premises of Beyond The Sea, a company based in the Arcachon bay. Resulting from 6 years of research and a pioneer on the market, this kite was created by the navigator Yves Parlier, founder of Beyond the sea®.

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