beyond the sea ®  or innovation in the service of the planet.

Yves Parlier, conference organiser

The creation of successful companies, multiple victories in the greatest offshore races and his commitment to the protection of the planet make Yves Parlier a man with rich, diverse and extraordinary experience.

We remember, for example, the 2000 Vendée Globe where, alone near an island off the coast of New Zealand, he successfully rebuilt and erected a new mast to complete his round the world travel.

The mastery of themes such as Innovation, crisis management or project and team management enables Yves Parlier to intervene effectively on subjects such as:

  • Innovation, a unifying element to multiply energies tenfold in the service of a strategic vision.
  • Turning a crisis situation into an opportunity?
  • Federating a team or partners in order to bring them towards a common goal 

Today, Yves Parlier, an engineer by training and business manager, is working on the Beyond the Sea® project, which aims to develop new solutions to reduce pollution and fuel consumption by merchant ships through kite towing. This project, which is one of the winners of the Great Loan, has now entered its operational phase.

His exciting personality, charisma and areas of expertise make him a popular choice for many companies to attend events and seminars.

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