An ecological challenge

beyond the sea ®  or innovation in the service of the planet.

Beyond the Sea ®through its innovative approach, is a major player in the environment. Today, 90% of world trade is carried out by sea. The globalization of the economy has gone hand in hand with increase of maritim trading : maritime cargo flows have increased fivefold in thirty years.

Experts predict that maritime transport will further double by 2020. The Beyond the Sea ® team, in partnership with merchant marine and fishing shipowners, is perfecting its mastery of towing boats with very large kites. The main objective of our project is to propose a sustainable solution in order to reduce the fuel consumption of world merchant ships by 20% today, and to bring this reduction to 30 or 40% in the near future.

As a direct consequence, our solution will reduce by 20% the CO2, NOx and SOx emissions associated with maritime transport. The way to achieve this goal is to offer all boats a kite towing system. A clean, affordable solution, an efficient and universal propulsion system for ships of all sizes. 

The use of our technological leadership will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ships and significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption (the savings could be as much as 20%, according to United Nations experts (1)). For example, a container ship consumes about 150,000 litres of fuel per day. Equipped with our technology, the average fuel economy will be around 30,000 litres/day/ship concerned, with a significant reduction in pollutant emissions. Considering that there are 100,000 merchant ships and 1,000,000 fishing boats, this new technology will have a major positive impact on the environment.

(1) United Nations Report: 2009 “Maritime Transport Study”.