beyond the sea ®  or innovation in the service of the planet.


Our SeaKite will have many advantages:

Reduction of energy needs and reduction of harmful emissions:


By taking advantage of wind, which is a 100% renewable energy, we will reduce the fuel consumption of ships, while proportionately reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. The kite, in addition to helping to propel the boat, lightens it with its vertical traction, reducing further energy requirements. Thus, depending on the desired efficiency, it will be possible to move without the internal combustion engine completely, in favour of the free and ecological energy that is wind.


A solution synonym of security

In addition to this ecological gain, our solution will be synonymous with safety. By its visibility in case of damage, its traction not generating any capsizing torque and while ensuring a wide possibility of manoeuvring, we will offer a solution that will meet everyone’s concerns.


Maximum adaptability

Our solution can be adapted to any vessel, sail or motor, as a complement for the internal combustion engine. The size of the kite will depend on the size of the ship in order to keep full control of the power obtained, in complete safety.



With a 20% reduction in fuel costs, our solution will offer very short-term profitability.

Training, Establishment

We will be able to ensure the implementation of the system, the training of crews, and the monitoring of our installations.